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Credit Report form Three National Credit Bureaus

Today any resident can have one free copy a year of their credit report from each of the three national credit bureaus. The annual free credit reports are mandated by to reduce the incident of the identity of theft by encouraging consumers to regularly check their credit histories for suspicious activity, such as a new credit card account that was never requested.

The three national credit bureaus are competing companies. The gather all the details of their consumer separately, they don’t share their consumer’s data with each other. Though the format of credit report of three national credit bureaus in different but they all has got the same information’s about their consumers like former address, employers, fraud alert, a recent inquiry by credit generator, and all other public records on which the credit report is based on.

The trade lines include the credit limits, balances owing, the payment histories of loan, credit card and all other accounts as reported by the subscribes to the respected bureaus whether Experian, Equifax or Trans Union.

As this bureaus don’t share their data. It’s common to find a difference in the data, as well as the scores for the same consumer. Many of companies are members of one or two bureaus but not all the three.

The consumer should be prepared. Getting the credit report may not be easy as a number of consumers have a complaint about the programs its because many times consumer won’t provide all the correct information. Avoid all the incorrect information and get your credit report.

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