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Get Free Yearly Credit Report

Are you looking for a free yearly credit report? Many companies are selling credit repair secrets, credit repair “kits” and other information about credit issues because everyone wants good credit, many people have bad credit, and most people do not know whom shall they contact and where to go for more information if they need help.

Credit report copy can be obtained from any or all of the three national credit reporting agencies that gather the information. If your installment debts consist entirely of amounts owed to large lenders—major credit card companies, banks, automobile manufacturers’ finance companies—chances are you only need to obtain a report from a single agency.

If you want a quick check of your credit report and score from just one of the three national credit bureaus you can get it but if you owe money or have recently paid off credit obligations to smaller creditors you should obtain credit reports from all three companies. The reason, said Storm, is that “creditors pay money to the reporting agencies to list your credit information. Most large companies report to all three agencies, but smaller companies may only report to one or two of them.”

One of the credit repair secrets that companies are selling is information about obtaining your credit report. You are entitled to a yearly free copy of your credit report. If you want to attempt to repair credit issues, obtaining your credit report is the first step.

It is a good idea to review the information on your credit reports on a regular basis even if you have excellent credit. A recent law has made it easier. You can view and print copies of your credit.

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