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How To Know & Fix Your Credit Score?

Because of the days, you had to pay to get your score already is a talk of the past. If you wonder, whether top credit repair companies check your score to assess your creditworthiness, Then you should have the equal access to it. There are many sources that offer your score for free and we want to share some of them here. You should take into account that not all the sources that offer the score are the same, so we encourage you to read well between the lines and know each option thoroughly.

There are some credit cards that offer this free service to their customers. Although we do not recommend any particular credit company, there are some that do offer this service.

What you should keep in mind:

  • Some credit cards only offer this benefit for the first 30 days and then you may be charged a monthly fee. Other cards do offer it monthly for free. Maybe you even have this service and you have not noticed!
  • Some credit cards do not offer you the actual credit score but offer you an educational score that may or may not correspond to the actual score your creditors will use.
  • Many of the cards that offer this service are usually given as a courtesy to customers who have excellent credit, making this option a bit limited for most consumers.

Some credit applications

When you apply to certain types of credit, you may receive a copy of your score. One of the classic examples is when you apply for a mortgage loan.

There are also other situations where lenders are required to give you your credit score. Some of them include:

  • When the creditor denies your credit application OR
  • The creditor increased the cost of credit OR
  • When it offers you a higher interest than it would offer to other consumers

What should you keep in mind?

It is a bit obvious, as this option in most cases means that your credit application has been denied because it does not meet the requirements set by the best credit repair services. You should also take into account that this would not be a very effective method to get your score because every time you apply for credit, your score may go down. But, it is worth knowing that you are entitled to this information in case you see yourself in this situation.

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