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Credit Score

When Your Credit Score Become Important?

Have you ever wonder why your online application for credit can be approved in 60 seconds? Or get a pre-qualified auto loan for a car without asking you how much is your income? Or why your interest rates on loans are different from the interest rates of your friends or

Good Credit Rating

A First Step To Initiate A Good Credit Rating

One of the first things young adults need to know when they’re just starting out on the road to the rest of their life is how important it is to build and maintain the good credit rating. In the world we live in today, your credit rating is the basis

credit card companies

A Card for Those Who Have Poor Credit

Don’t you just hate it when these big-name credit card companies keep turning down your application for a credit card simply because of some financial mistakes or missed payments that you made in the early years of your career, which adversely affected your credit rating? If only you could speak

Credit Repair Counseling

Why Credit Repair Counseling Is Losing Credibility

Legitimate credit repair services are losing credibility because of some unscrupulous companies that purposely mislead customers who put their trust in them to help them repair their credit. It is widely believed that you can repair your own credit without the help of a credit repair service. The only real

Improve Your Credit Rating

7 Ways To Protect And Improve Your Credit Rating

Your credit score accounts for the amount of interest you have to pay for a loan or a credit card. Increasing your score in just a few points will make a big difference in the interest rate you will pay for a purchase. If your credit score is high enough,

Your Credit Rating

Your Credit Rating

Not many people spend too much time thinking about it, but every one of us has a computer file somewhere that contains all the information that makes up our credit history. This information will include our current and previous addresses, our income level, our outstanding debt and how much extra

secured credit

How To Use A Secured Credit Card To Repair Your Credit

If you have ever had credit cards, paid a bill monthly, or obtained a loan, you have a credit rating. When you make payments to a creditor, they report these payments to credit reporting agencies that compile your credit report and track your credit history. If you miss a payment,

bad credit

Bad Credit: County Court Judgements Explained

Having a County Court Judgement or CCJ issued against you will have a severe impact on your credit rating, as it signifies that you have had serious problems paying back a loan or other form of credit, to the extent where your creditor has had to take court action against